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The Spirit of Lacrosse:
Learn about the Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award

To Native Americans, lacrosse is still referred to as "The Creator's Game." Rooted in Native American belief, lacrosse was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop strong, virile men. 

A gift from the Creator, lacrosse was seen as medicine to heal and create positive energy. It is a sport that teaches athletes the value of teamwork and community which work for the greater good with honor and respect. 

“By competing in the game, we are all winners. After the game, there are no hard feelings. We all participated in somewhat of an event. And if you play this sport, and you love this sport, you will want to play for it like that.”
-- The History of the Medicine Game

Remembering Riley Hadeen

With the history of lacrosse in mind, and the traits Riley displayed as a player on and off the field, the Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award was created in his memory. 

How the Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award works


The Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award is awarded annually in May to one high school girls’ player and one high school boys’ player meeting the qualifications below. Selections are based on coach evaluations and final selections.

"This award acknowledges your display of extraordinary and exemplary positive sportsmanship. Your approach to the game includes a consistent positive attitude, fairness, respect for one’s opponent, graciousness in winning or losing and ultimately honors the combination of character and performance displayed on and off the lacrosse field."
-- Sandpoint Lacrosse
2022 Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award Selections
High School Boys' Bulldog Selection
Sophomore Ryan Doko
Ryan Doko Sportsmanship Award Recipient 26MAY2022.jpg
Ryan Doko Bulldogs Lacrosse Goalie vs Boise High School 30APR2022.jpg
High School Girls' Bulldog Selection
Senior Audrey Anderson
Audrey Anderson Sportsmanship Award Recipient 26MAY2022.jpg
Audrey Anderson.JPG
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