Our sponsors ensure that any kid in our community, regardless of means, has the chance to get out on the field. 

When you sponsor Sandpoint Lacrosse, you make it possible for our teams to represent our community with pride: with gear to keep them safe, with opportunities to travel to tournaments, and in the case of those less-fortunate kids in our community, with the chance to simply get out on the field and participate. In fact, our club has NEVER turned a player away due to financial hardship.


We understand that like football, lacrosse is an equipment-heavy sport that can pose a financial burden to our families.  That’s why we aspire to keep our registration fees as low as possible and offer rental equipment programs. 


And yet, registration fees alone do not come close to covering these scholarships and basic operations. We rely on the generous support of our sponsors, parents, and community to make up the difference.



We've taken one of Sandpoint's original hotels and transformed it into a truly North Idaho experience: modern but rustic, rugged but comfortable.  We're far from fancy -- we're a roadside motel, after all -- but we guarantee a stylishly good night's sleep with easy access to all the adventure that North Idaho has to offer.


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