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Get to know Riley Hadeen

It’s been said that Riley Hadeen enjoyed mustard, hot sauce, and of course, sports. He grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho, where he ran cross country, was an avid hiker, skier, snowboarder and played lacrosse. He began playing lacrosse in middle school and by the time he became a Freshman, Riley played the vital position of goalie as #55 for all four years of high school.

Hear from Coach Matt

Coach Matt Schreiber says the above quote was something Riley said all the time, whether at games where the team was sure to take home a win or whether a win was highly doubtful. More importantly, Coach Matt said Riley embodied these words in his daily life, no matter what he was doing

“Be awesome and do good things.” – Riley Hadeen 
Teamwork makes the dream work

During the several years Riley was on Coach Matt’s high school team, the team as a whole opted to forego player award nominations and adopted the motto, “We’re a team.” It was a surprise one year when the North Idaho Lacrosse League had Riley’s name listed as a Sportsmanship nominee. Nominations through other high school coaches were the only way this could happen. Riley was always a team oriented athlete, and it showed! It was no surprise that he won the Sportsmanship Award that year as it was well deserved and officially recognized.

Let's always remember Riley Hadeen

At age 27, Riley unexpectedly passed away while snowboarding on Schweitzer Mountain December 26, 2021.

To commemorate his life and memory, the Riley Hadeen Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship and the Riley Hadeen Lacrosse Sportsmanship Award were born to keep not only the love Riley had for the outdoors and sports in the spotlight for all to remember, but to also shine a bright light on the model sportsmanship Riley exuded.

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