Attendance Policy

Players registered to all Sandpoint Lacrosse programs are expected to attend all team practices, games and activities. Individual attendance policies for each team are as follows:

U11, U-13, and U-15 players are required to bring a written excuse for all missed practices. Because the coaches spend time carefully planning each practice, and because those plans often depend on the number of players present, we ask that you please afford your coach the courtesy of a notification regarding a missed practice as soon as possible.

High School: All absences are required to have a written excuse. Unless the absence is an emergency, the written excuse must be presented to the coaching staff prior to the absence. In the event of an emergency, every effort must be made by the player to contact the coaching staff, or one of the designated Captains, if a coach can not be reached prior to the start of practice. No call-no show absences will result in a one game suspension.

Notifications by email, phone, or text are appropriate. Contact information for all coaching staff members are readily available on our web site.

Extreme Weather

Sandpoint Lacrosse Club events will likely continue regardless of weather. The exception being in the case of extreme cold, lightening, or heavy rain that leaves us without usable facilities. Sandpoint Lacrosse Club staff will make every effort to notify players and members of cancellations. These notifications will be through all, or one of: text messaging, email, web site news, and on our Facebook Page.


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