Academic Policy

The Sandpoint Lacrosse Club believes that while lacrosse is a co-curricular activity, rather than an extra-curricular activity, a student athlete's primary responsibility is to their academics. We are committed to working with our student athletes to ensure that their lacrosse experience enhances their education.

U11, U-13, andU-15 players must maintain passing grades in all classes in order to play in practice and games. Youth coaches would like to work with parents in helping, in any way, the academic success of our student-athletes. Parents are asked that they communicate any concerns when their athlete is struggling with grades and needs any time or assistance to get back on track.

High School: All High School Players must maintain a grade of C or better in all classes to remain eligible to play in games. Grade sheets picked up in the counselor’s office and filled out by students are due on dates specified at the start of every season.

If a player is academically ineligible to play, the Sandpoint Lacrosse Club Coaching Staff will work with an athlete, their parents/guardians, teachers, and/or tutors to help the student athlete regain good standing in their classes. It is our recommendation that a player notify a coach to impending grade problems before they are in issue so that we make work with a student to help them from falling behind.


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