Our club is only as strong as our volunteers. Please consider joining us as a board member or committee chair.



The President shall be responsible for ensuring that the ongoing status of the Corporation is maintained, and that all correct filings are completed. Additionally, the President shall be responsible for scheduling and holding all required meetings and elections, and enforcing the Bylaws. The President shall be responsible for maintaining insurance for the league and coordinating with U.S. Lacrosse.

  • Attend 90% of all SCL Board meetings

  • Oversee all aspects of the Club

  • Conduct all board meetings

  • Order Insurance

  • Review the financial budget for Board approval prior to September meeting

  • Address complaints regarding coaches, players or parents

  • Serve on the scholarship committee

  • Preside over all scheduled SCL meeting

  • Oversee all committees and activities for the SCL  to include appointment of committees and associated chairpersons

  • Oversee purchasing of all products and ensure compliance with set budget and budget procedures

  • Oversee financials to ensure viability of the club.

  • Coordinate meetings and act as primary liaison with coaches and athletic director of the Highschool as required

  • Oversee the scholarship process.

  • Oversee changes / addendums to the By Laws.

  • Communicate with parents regarding issues as required

Vice President

The Vice President shall be responsible for assisting the President in day to day management of the Member Teams, including registration of players and Member Teams.

  • Regularly attends board meetings and other important related meetings

  • Runs meetings if the President is unavailable

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

  • Assists in fundraising

  • Assists in volunteering at club run tournaments and events


The Treasurer shall be responsible for managing incoming and outgoing monies for the club. 

  • Regularly attends board meetings and other important related meetings

  • Create a yearly budget and manage budget

  • Provide a financial report at each regularly scheduled meeting and an annual report at the annual meeting

  • Pay all expenses 

  • Chart incoming donations and revenue

  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for fundraising, and may create a committee for that purpose.


The Secretary shall be responsible for taking notes at all meetings, and providing written notice of meetings to all Board members, and in the case of open meetings to provide written notice to all registered players and/or parents to the extent possible. The Secretary shall assist the President and Vice President in their duties. 

  • Regularly attends board meetings and other important related meetings

  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of organization’s records, including renewal of Incorporation, annually

  • Manages minutes of board meetings

  • Ensures minutes are distributed after each meeting

  • Sends meeting reminders for board meeting and Bi-Annual meetings

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

  • Assists in fundraising

  • Assists in volunteering at club run tournaments and events

Field & Scheduling Manager

The Field & Scheduling Manager shall assist all Member Teams with scheduling and field requests.

  • Meet with fair official and reserve indoor fairgrounds space

  • Meet with city and reserves practice field space for all teams

  • Meet with city to reserve fields for home games and SanJam

  • Sign up for tournaments for youth teams - very important to be very timely as tournaments fill up - must sign up the day the tournament goes live.

  • Create game schedules for each team - HIgh school boys and girls, all youth teams

  • Schedule refs for all home games

  • Constantly update coach and league contact sheets in order to have accurate contacts to schedule games and tournaments 

  • Constantly update ref contact sheets in order to schedule refs for home games

  • Work with treasurer to pay refs in timely fashion - either at the game or mail within 2 days of game

  • Work with treasurer to pay for tournaments

  • Work with secretary to upload schedules on website for all teams

  • Work with coaches to schedule games and tournaments - coaches need to email team schedules to parents and players

Coach Coordinator

The Coach Coordinator shall oversee the hiring and placement of coaches, and coordinate with all Member Team coaches. 

  • In conjunction with league/region/state Coaching Coordinator, ensure all club coaches hold appropriate qualifications.

  • Ensure there are enough coaches for the club’s requirements.

  • Develop a budget for the club’s coaching accreditation program.

  • Provide all relevant information to the Assistant Secretary to ensure records of club coaches and coaching qualifications are maintained.

  • Develop an understanding of the role of sports science in coaching.

  • Arrange appropriate coach training sessions, locations, dates and times.

  • Be available for gradings and to assist at games if necessary.

  • Foster a positive club spirit amongst all coaches and encourage them to participate in a sporting manner.

  • Enhance feelings of self confidence and self esteem within the club coaches.

  • Meet regularly with coaches to discuss performance and provide feedback.

  • Arrange for, and conduct where appropriate, assessments of the club’s coaches.

  • Encourage maximum participation from the club’s coaches.

  • Liaise with other Committee members regularly.

  • Have a sound understanding of the club’s rules and regulations.

  • Constantly highlight the club’s support of the ARL National Code of Conduct and the ARL Safeplay Code.

  • Continually seek out potential coaches and recruit whenever possible.

  • Attendance at Coaches and Managers meeting and General Committee meetings.


Note: Ideally the Coaching Coordinator/s are not coaches of any individual team.

Parent Representative

The Parent Representative shall represent the best interests of all parents of players. 


  • Act as a neutral liaison between team parent(s), Coaching staff and NLSA.

  • Assist in resolving team disputes and concerns.

  • Listen, understand and document the information of concern or complaint from parent(s).  

  • Remain impartial and don’t voice your opinions.

  • Oversees each team parent

  • Attend annual meeting

  • Communicate directly with the Coach

  • Communicate special event details to team

  • Be a good role model for your team’s parents.

  • Be familiar with the coach/player/parent codes of conduct

  • Coordinate travel plans for away games

  • Find/assign concession workers or volunteers to coordinate bringing food to games for assigned events (more info at training)

  • Communicate with Sandpoint Cutthroat Lacrosse President

  • Communicate game cancellations and changes to parents

  • Coordinate End of Season Party

    • Find a group of parents to do this!!!


The Registrar is responsible for ensuring that players and parents can successfully find, sign up for, and pay for programs.  

  • Creating, managing, and activating registration programs for the new season

  • Assisting players and parents with registration and payments

  • Recording cash and check p432ayments in the system

  • Following up with parents who have not paid and collecting registration fees

  • Assigning registered players to the appropriate team

  • Creating and managing scholarship application forms  

  • Issuing refunds as needed, e.g. for gear rental deposits

  • Creating, managing, and activating SanJam registration programs

  • Maintaining the list of users in our system, e.g. removing duplicates, ensuring that parents are correctly associated with players, etc.

  • Working with Marketing Chair to coordinate registration periods and website widgets (e.g., home page widgets, registration pages, other website content) with registration and SanJam marketing efforts

Required Skill Set:

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Comfortable with technology (most work is done through the website)


Fundraising Coordinator


The Fundraising Chair is responsible for getting additional funds for the club, through whatever means: fundraising events, business-community outreach, major donor visits, grant writing, etc.  The Fundraising Chair is also responsible for the annual fundraising drive and event.  Specifically:


  1. For annual fundraiser event: 

    1. plan and schedule the event

    2. create, send, and schedule related emails for fundraiser

    3. coordinate prizes, raffle items, silent auction, etc.

    4. promote the event; work with Marketing Chair to create/coordinate collateral and messaging

  2. Design a creative compelling incentives to get local businesses excited about sponsoring our program (banners? inclusion on our email footer? jerseys?)

  3. Major donor meetings

  4. Other activities:

    1. Coordinate PapaMurphys fundraiser and similar?

    2. First Stick program?

    3. grant writing?

    4. business community outreach?

Event Coordinator


The Event Chair is responsible for coordinating the timing and logistics of our major events: SanJam and 4th of July parade participation.  The Event Chair may decide to delegate specific events to subchains/event coordinators, but is ultimately responsible for the club’s major events. Specifically:

  1. For SanJam:

    1. work with Marketing Chair and Registrar to coordinate timing of messaging and registration programs

    2. list other items here….

  2. For 4th of July: 

    1. sign us up, let everyone know

    2. coordinate float

    3. coordinate messaging, so kids know when/where to show up

Marketing Coordinator


The Marketing Chair is responsible for generating enthusiasm for our club and ensuring that our community is aware of our programs.  The Marketing Chair is also responsible for generating interest in and driving registrations in SanJam and other events.  The Marketing Chair will coordinate with event chairs to ensure a consistent messaging and a structured flow of messaging (so as not to overlap or confuse the community.)  Specifically:

  1. Working with Registrar to coordinate timing and messaging for opening registration programs

  2. Creating marketing collateral and programs to drive enthusiasm for and raise awareness about our core programs: 

    1. writing, scheduling and sending emails to past club members to drive registration

    2. creating and managing any early-registration incentive programs

    3. creating, printing, and getting permission to hand out fliers at schools

    4. creating and coordinating the display of PowerPoint slides for high school, middle school, and charter schools

    5. publishing our programs in Sandpoint Rec magazine

    6. coordinating the display of banners around town

    7. managing and driving updates to the website as needed to promote our programs 

  3. Creating marketing collateral to raise awareness for SanJam: 

    1. working with SanJam event coordinator to drive awareness for the event

    2. managing and driving updates to the website as needed to promote the event 

    3. writing, scheduling and sending emails and/or letters and/or phone calls to past participants, other clubs, and coaches

  4. Creating marketing collateral to raise awareness for other events/fundraisers: 

    1. working with event chair(s) to drive awareness for events

    2. managing and driving updates to the website as needed to promote the events 

    3. writing, scheduling and sending emails and/or letters and/or phone calls to past participants/attendees

Gear Coordinator


The gear coordinator will manage the club’s lacrosse gear for both players and coaches.

  • Keeps gear in shed organized, clean and inventoried

  • Takes inventory of gear each fall and orders new gear as needed by January 31

  • Orders extra gear if needed during the season

  • Checks out gear to youth players at the beginning of the season and collects gear after the last game

  • Keeps accurate “checked in and checked out” document to track gear 

  • Works with Treasurer to reimburse individual gear deposit to each player within two weeks of last game