The Sandpoint Lacrosse Club is committed to inspiring our student athletes to achieve their fullest potential as competitors, as students, and as Human Beings, to the best of our, and their ability, while fostering an atmosphere that thrives on the passio


Grievances and Complaints



The Sandpoint Lacrosse Club is committed to ensuring a harmonious, fair and just environment by ensuring that members have access to processes that allow for any grievances to be resolved.



To provide for fair, effective and open organization response to member complaints.

To minimize personal and organizational dysfunction arising from unresolved grievances.

To foster standards of ethical behavior and conduct that contribute to a productive workplace.


Grievance Resolution Options

A member who believes something is unfair or unjust in relation to a matter has the following grievance resolution options available to them:



Informal resolution of concerns can often be the most effective way of dealing with issues. While this approach is informal, concerns raised in this manner will be taken seriously and where practical.


Informal options include resolving the grievance directly with the person (eg manager, coach, player) seeking assistance from Grievance Officers nominated.


Members should not approach anyone during a game or practice situation, but wait until an appropriate time after the game or practice.



Formal complaints can be sent to the President of the Sandpoint Lacrosse Club addressed to the President, with

complainant’s name and contact details

explanation of the complaint, describing what happened, how it happened, who was involved; and action taken so far;

the outcome being sought by the complainant.


On receipt of a formal complaint, the President will determine an appropriate course of action that may include formal investigation and the involvement of independent parties to mediate or conciliate an acceptable outcome.


Once the investigation has been completed a response will be forwarded to the complainant within two weeks of receipt of the complaint.